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Helping owners with their home automation systems for years!



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ONe Mind One Goal

Our Mission

HG System Integrators started out after dealing with the headaches, frustration, and complicated methods of owning a smart home theater system. Our founders noticed that it was way too complicated to navigate a smart home theater system with multiple controllers and platforms.

To address this common issue, HG System Integrators teamed up with Control4 to design and manage a smart home system under one platform and software. From there, our company has brought homeowners comfort, connectivity, and convenience!

Innovative Mindset

Our Vision For The Future

We want every homeowner to transform their at-home comfort experience. Gone are the days of having to use multiple remotes and devices to manage your thermostat, cameras, TV, and audio volume! With HG System Integrators, you’re able to control every aspect of your home under one smart home system remote.

You can check in on your cameras, change the temperature, lock your doors, adjust volume, and watch TV or stream Netflix or Hulu! You even get the option to pair your device with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control everything with simple voice commands.

Quality Care

Our Commitment To You

HG System Integrators promises only the best installation and services from our team. We’re committed to each and every customer who wants to bring their at-home comfort experience to the next level.

HG System Integrators promises only to recommend the best Control4 products for your needs and budget. Not every home requires the same setup, and we understand that, which is why we take the time to understand your needs and recommend the best smart home system plan!